Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snakker du Norsk?

I've returned!

I'm back from the fantastic, 61 degree lushness of Norway, right into sweltering, dirty old Brooklyn.


Mountain Climbing Adventure

Outdoor activity-plan-ruining constant rain. Starvation as result of staunch vegetarianism whilst in Scandinavia.

Just a few photos:

They've been building with grass roofs for thousands of years over there, and we're only just starting to think it's a cool 'sustainable trend' ...

Here are some pics of an historical town, Flekkefjord, where I met up with some extended family members. Most of the homes are from the 1700s, made of wood and painted white. Traditionally, white paint was the most expensive - the red color of the barns was originally actually made from a mixture of oil and fish blood, and obviously was the cheapest 'paint.' The habit remains; most houses in the town were white, a sort of historical habit of showing off.
Preikestolen, a precipice near Stavanger ...

A beautiful 5 hour steep hike up and down - if you even mention to a Norwegian that you climbed Preikestolen (Preek-ehh-stO-ln), they will look at you with surprise and respect.

The typical pathway is rocks on top of rocks. Often with water running over them. And then more rocks.

I'm looking forward to posting a bit about the real non-touristy stuff: like good graffiti and funny traffic signs ... :)

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