Saturday, August 14, 2010

Plunderin' Books!

As I've mentioned, I have a new obsession with upcycling books -- and I've been ravaging my shelves for fresh victims.

On the carving block (literally) recently was a lovely blue hardcover I knew I'd never read again.
I decided to make my own story ... about sailing on the high seas.

And I used my sharpest knife to tell the tale.

I grabbed small sections of paper at a time, sketched the idea on their back, and carved away...

I liked the sculpted effect, but it still wasn't popping. So I figured it needed a bit of color.

I'm pleased with the blue, but it's still not finished ...

The next questions are: How on Earth am I gonna make a clean cut through that cover? And stick the pages together?

And possibly the hardest part: What the heck am I gonna do with this thing, anyway??

PS: If anyone out there in internet-land takes on this sort of thing, I'd recommend orienting it with the pages down, not up like I did ... then they'd hang down obediently, and I wouldn't be faced with the prospect of glueing (or stapling?) them up individually!

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