Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Film Fun, Again

Embarrassing.  But fun.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book Carving to the Max!

This is just too cool.

 Dutch Book Week and Van Wanter Etcetera have put out a series of autobiographies, the pages of which are carved into likenesses of the authors.  Soooo amazing, I can't believe it hasn't been done before!

More images here.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Sooo much going on lately, and a lot of it involves movie-making :)

I'm taking a 'film in architecture' class this semester, which involves lots of practise movie taking & editing (and discussing.  ohhhh, the discussing.), and as luck would have it my studio project is being enriched/enlivened/informed by multiple multimedia presentations throughout the semester.

So here, for viewing pleasure, my fledgling attempts in roles as director, actor, editor, etc. ...

For the film class
(a work in progress, as everything is):

(a working title.  as everything is(?))

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Matt Stuart

Matt Stuart is a brill' photographer; great sense of humor, and really makes you want to take a second or third look at the mundane world around you ...

Some faves :

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Detangling ...

I continue to press on in my relentless Dreamweaver-y pursuits!

I did a lot of reading and trolling about re: what's hip nowadays, and the overwhelming trends are:

- Large, full-page images
- Photorealism & sense of perspective
- Textures (again, largely photo-real)
- Graphic navigation
- Animated navigation

I've seen some really inspiring sites out there along the way, here are some notable screenshots:

It's extremely engaging; I might even deign to say overly busy.  But full of simultaneous animations, and definitely a fun treasure hunt for links to the rest of the pages!

Cleaner, and very very simple, but this restaurant's page showcases many of the themes I mentioned above.  It's calm and inviting.

Rolf Reichardt:
Again, clean and simple, dare I say architectural, but maintains the same principles of large image, high-quality photo, and engaging perspective.

To that end, I've edited my little page a bit, (again, and again, and again ...):

Miles to go before I sleep, of course.  It might be getting prettier, but the links still all lead nowhere!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tangled in the Web

Well, I thought it would be a brilliant idea for me to learn to make a website over break.  A real, live, creative, coded, from-scratch website.  No templates or hand holding!

I figured Dreamweaver would be the natural choice.  It's Adobe, and goodness knows I love me some Adobe products.  And I already own the software.  Easy.

I got two books totaling 1800 pages between them.  I followed them and several online tutorials religiously, dreaming of the amazing interactive, graphically charged stuff I'd do ... rollover behaviors like highlighting and image swaps, hidden links, maybe even animations.

Well.  The books and tutorials are great for learning to make the very basic web page; Header, Footer, Column of links, and Content in the center (see this blog site for example).  But the fancy-dancy stuff ... continues to elude me.

I managed to get some image mapping figured out, at least, for my 'Homepage';

It's one png - I took a photo of a pile of my books, and photoshopped in the titles of the sections that would one day be pages on my site.  The image is mapped in Dreamweaver so that clicking the 'titles' leads ... well, for now, no where.

What I wanted was for the titles to highlight when the mouse hovered over them.  But it seems that when working with html, trying to place objects where you want them on a page is next to impossible.

Sigh.  Haven't given up quite yet ...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Building Blocks

I began work today on a concept I'd had months ago, during my Design & Nature class with Ferda Kolatan;

it's a video about the building blocks that make up everything, and way that the cellular makeup of the universe relates to the rather cellular relationships of architectural constructions.

The video clip is meant to show the life cycle of all structures; biological and architectural.

I'm just a novice in video editing, and 100% of the videos are taken from the public YouTube archive ... It's essentially a sketch of the idea mentioned above ...

"Building Blocks":