Sunday, January 9, 2011

Detangling ...

I continue to press on in my relentless Dreamweaver-y pursuits!

I did a lot of reading and trolling about re: what's hip nowadays, and the overwhelming trends are:

- Large, full-page images
- Photorealism & sense of perspective
- Textures (again, largely photo-real)
- Graphic navigation
- Animated navigation

I've seen some really inspiring sites out there along the way, here are some notable screenshots:

It's extremely engaging; I might even deign to say overly busy.  But full of simultaneous animations, and definitely a fun treasure hunt for links to the rest of the pages!

Cleaner, and very very simple, but this restaurant's page showcases many of the themes I mentioned above.  It's calm and inviting.

Rolf Reichardt:
Again, clean and simple, dare I say architectural, but maintains the same principles of large image, high-quality photo, and engaging perspective.

To that end, I've edited my little page a bit, (again, and again, and again ...):

Miles to go before I sleep, of course.  It might be getting prettier, but the links still all lead nowhere!