Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Norwegian Tongue in Cheek

Annnnnd here's a handful of shots from Norway showing the sort of stuff that really interests me when I travel:

Odd, artistic/graphic, and sardonic.

(Which now that I think about it is actually what interests me in general)

A fresh new Norwegian take on a classic prank:

There's very little graffiti to be found in Norway, but when it's there, it's usually fairly clever, and they use a lot of stenciling (my favorite) ...

(Text says that parking is forbidden, and something about towing at the owner's expense)

Ms. M. Lisa shares her esteemed opinion:

This bleak scene was in Flekkefjord, a tiny hint of a non-town:

And the owner of the trailor seems to agree with my surmisal of the place ...

Not so artistic, but it made me stop on the street (in Oslo), chuckle, and snap a pic:

It says "This is not an ashtray. -- Rene Magritte." Pretty meh, but I'm a fan of Magritte, so up it goes. Plus, I appreciate the ironic use of street vandalism to make a point about littering ...

And a few years ago, this was my personal take on Magritte in a little indoor graffiti I made on the loft in my bedroom at the time. I think it's funny.

Here's a link to someone who takes photos of real life with a far more advanced tongue in cheek technique than I, Mr. Matt Stuart.