Monday, August 9, 2010

Art From the Future

The institution at which I am a graduate student happens to be home to a
Super Spizzy Neutromatic Space-Age Machine From the Future!

Aka a LASER cutter!
(Link here for a video example!)

Basically, you draw something out on the computer, and then the machine cuts or scores your drawing onto all kinds of stuff; paper, plastic, wood ...

For us school kids, it's meant for making architectural models.

But I'm obsessed with it, and I sneak in and cut allllll kinds of wondrous things ...
(I've even got a mini Etsy page to prove it!)

But recently I was feeling more artsy.

I decided to draw a Chinese painting inspired design and just burn it onto some lovely bass wood I had lying around:

Then I gave 'er a bit of color ...

I really like the way it's looking, and I've already got zillions of ideas for other designs I'd like to do.

Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to hang/frame it yet!


  1. That looks fantastic! I can't really see how rough the edges look... but I would think that you could probaly just paint the edges and hang it as is rather than framing it.

  2. Looks great! I'd leave it unframed, and hang it with rope or ribbon.

  3. Thanks! I did decide to stick with the raw edges, and have hung it up with a bit of twine.