Saturday, July 24, 2010

Getting Graphic

Just as I was getting over my Photoshop contest obsession (see to drink the KoolAid yourself), I stumbled upon

It's a brilliant little site that allows the community to vote on each other's art work, and for the lucky winners, it prints the stuff on Tshirts and pays the artist - $2000 per accepted design!

I immediately became wildly optimistic and inspired. I sketched for days, I made myself chuckle with my own brilliance, I photoshopped like a fiend, and finally sent off a couple ideas ...
Both designs tanked.

Because it's a stupid, stupid popularity contest. Which I would feel fine about if I were popular. Or more talented.

But I still love the site and am impressed/tickled by the other kids' work ...

Graphics by people who are not me, and who are therefore more popular and talented:

Sigh ... I will press boldly on!

Sketch for possible future submission, as soon as I finish up the battle-wound licking:


  1. so much cooler haha

  2. awww, schucks. big <3 for you.

    (secret meaningful extra 'c' yiddish joke! oooooo!)

  3. I like your designs! Threadless is a strange sort of micro-economy. I'd say stick with it. It seems like if even one tshirt design goes through it would be worth losing out on a few other designs.

  4. i think your designs are fun! they obviously don't know what they are doing.

  5. Nertz to them!

    I LOVE the IOU one. I would sport that in a heartbeat.

    I say keep going, whether with that site or another...people will eventually come to their senses. :)

  6. Have to agree... yours are SO much cooler. Stupid popular kids. ;o)

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments! I feel so much better! :)