Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Silver Paint (Platinum Is a Girl's Best Friend)

Don't be afraid to revamp your home with some simple touches of paint ...

Modern Masters Metallic Paint

I discovered this amazing metallic silver paint last summer, when I used it to repaint a 1960's MiG-23 fighter plane which decorates the architecture office where I was interning (Kushner Studios.):

But since then, I've found a gazillion new uses around the house, for rejuvenation and hip-ization ...

For one, when I moved in the bathroom cabinet was a distressed-looking fake wood ... which I promptly silverized and have enjoyed ever since:

The tricky thing about this paint is rooted in its metallic nature: as the company representative patiently explained to me, the metallic specks in it need to all be brushed in the same direction, or every brush stroke will be visible. The paint doesn't do terribly well with rolling, and even brushing must be done very carefully -- keep it unidirectional, and as parallel as possible.

For the plane, we sprayed it on with a big compressor machine (which was really fun, but not so practical for home use!).

Other things I've gone crazy and silverized:

The bamboo blinds that were here when I moved in and which I considered depressingly drab:

My doorknobs, which were all ugly, worn brass & stained with white paint:

My bedside lamp (it was orig a matte brown/black, ick):

This Paint:

IS water based, but WILL ruin your clothes.

Usually only needs one thin coat.

Is actually very reasonably priced - other companies that offer metallic house paint generally offer them as 'glazes'. This means you have to buy a base coat plus the glaze, and the end result is more sheer/slightly glittery than it is 'metallic'.

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