Thursday, July 22, 2010

Completely Random

Sooo as part of my 'can-try' attitude lately, I've been looking into this Etsy shop stuff. So far it's an abysmal failure, but that's ok.

But I'm ALSO trying Google Analytics ... which gives me a list of search terms that have inexplicably lead people to my shop.

This includes:

"fur earring"

"my little pony fabric"

"printed coasters pinball"

"vintage film reel canister"

"vintage sperry topsiders"

"viper marshmellow"

I have no idea what these things have to do with my little handmade jewelry.

But hats off - and best of luck - to whomever is out there in search of 'viper marshmellows'!

(Are they snake-shaped marshmallows? ... Car-shaped? Marshmallows meant for snakes? Meant for 'viper' cars? Marshmallow-shaped snakes meant for cars? ... I may never know.)


  1. I've been thinking of starting my own little etsy shop...but it just seems daunting...

  2. Cool, of your artwork?
    Well, I timed my opening badly - I wish I'd waited until close to a holiday time; summer is a slump time ... and freshly opened shops get momentary free showcasing.