Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Book Art

In honor of our December birthdays, my Dad recently brought me to a new - to me - art gallery space in Williamsburg, BK:

The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, on Broadway (in Brooklyn).  The gallery exists within the  Kings County Savings Bank building, built in 1867, which is beautiful but somewhat in need of a touch up.  The founder and curator is Yuko Nii, with whom I was able to speak briefly - as it turns out she is a graduate of Pratt as well, and was extremely gracious and interested in making a connection.

Ironically, the topic of the main gallery space was book art.  This tied in beautifully with my already piqued interest in that new realm of art/design.  In fact I'd posted about it in August and even in July.  The show, of course, pushed the boundaries far past the fairly utilitarian or vaguely decorative examples I'd discussed back then.  The works are intricate and complex, and certainly set my creative wheels in motion.  Perhaps over this winter break I will be able to explore this area a bit more aggressively. 

In the meantime, images from the collection:

These images are taken directly from the gallery's website ...