Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wish I'd Thought of That!

My internet trolling has led me to some cool finds recently - here's a collection of cool ideas and finely crafted projects that other design geniuses have thought of first ....

How's your refrigerator looking? Bland? Hey, mine too. But it turns out we don't have to live in such misery ...

An italian company called 'Coolors' offers fridges in a variety of graphics, like American & British flags, sunflowers, Audrey Hepburn ...
NYC ...

and my favorite, a London telephone booth! (That's a fridge! Really!)
These have got me wondering how hard it would be to spruce up my own fridge. The condensation factor is a big deterrent, but I wonder whether some vinyl wall decals would adhere? Hmmm ...

Here's a gorgeous new way to look at a mirror, from River Mirrors:
I like the blend of sculpture and mirror here.

These computer makeovers are especially creative, and handmade by a real person - you can check out his craft process on his site, at Steampunk Workshop:
Not so easily accomplished for the rest of us, but really cool.

I also discovered an Etsy shop, Cantastiks, that makes awesome light fixtures out of recycled tin cans; very Arabian Nights:

Another Etsy shop, Xenasdad, offers coffee and side tables featuring glass tops and a myriad of little spaces - reused 'printer's type boxes,' (whatever those are) - in which to showcase the mini collection of your heart's desire:
Wish I'd thought of it, but my mind still reels at the possibilities of displaying stuff ... shards of colorful glass? mini Victorian diaramas? Lego people?! :)


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