Monday, August 2, 2010

Compounding My Problems

Fun fact:
My current apartment came equipped with numerous gaping, drafty holes in the walls, ceilings, and floors.

The biggest plague on my mind was a tricky one: the scary space where a pipe runs through my ceiling.

It was gross, stuffed with steel wool by the previous tenants (which worries me), and cobwebby.

For its repair, I wasn't too thrilled with the nice hardware guy's suggestion of a decorative metal ring to stick on it.

Instead, I grabbed myself a cute little bucket of joint compound, a plastic spackle knife, and some tape.

(Ladies, try convincing a hardware guy that you honestly want drywall tape sometime ... preferably while wearing pigtails ...
"You mean duct tape, miss? ... Ohhh, masking tape?"
"No. Drywall tape ... see? I'm buying joint compound. I'm not joking."

I approached the issue of curving the tape around the pipe as though it were a Thanksgiving turkey leg decoration.


Then I smacked it on. The first stage was reeeally fun, until I had the horrid realization that I may not ever be able to make this area look, erm, ... perfectly polished ...

(This is just a "Process" Shot!)
Standing on a collapsible chair on my tippy toes, using a knife that was too big to fit behind the pipe, I decided to go with the 'more is more' approach and worry about smoothing it out later.

Then I roamed the apartment, in search of new gaps to gob.
A door frame that was firmly nailed in place -- with a 1/2" space between it and the wall, which someone once tried to caulk -- got a head start ...

The majority of my apartment's drywalled or plastered surface area is gooped up and resting comfortably, now, awaiting round two: Smoooooothing.

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  1. Ewww, I know how you feel. Trying to hang two light fixtures in an old house! Feel your pain girl!