Monday, July 26, 2010

My Theoretical Shelf Adventure

A few weeks ago, I helped my mom put down a floating faux-wood floor in her bedroom. We had a bunch of bits of board left over, and I nabbed a few, knowing that one day inspiration would strike.

They sat ... and sat ...

Then, last night, during the pounding and booming of a summer thunderstorm, I suddenly (in a flash of lightning) saw those boards in a new light:

"SHELVES!" I cried, and sprang immediately into action.

I glued 'em together, making two similar length boards.
But they only looked good from the top; the faux showed too much on the bottom, and the edges looked weird.

BUT THEN, in another blaze of firey lightning, I spied my pile of Reading For My Urban Theory Course, left long forgotten in a corner!

A mod-podge! I would decorate my bookshelf with the Written Word and Recycle Otherwise Useless Urban Theory Articles!

I rebounded into action, working fervently to the sound of the crashing rain, (Elmer's) glue flying everywhere ... I put them on a rack to dry for a few hours, poking at them every few minutes impatiently.

Next came my favorite part: Power Tool Time.
I drilled holes in the bookcases & in the plaster wall (what a pain), and hung the shelving brackets.

(The plaster got special treatment, with dry wall anchors and then the screws)

I painted the brackets to match the wall color, and stuck those Theoretical Shelves on there!

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